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Work Experience:

Akimbo Systems - 2004 to Present
Manager, Software Engineering

Designed and implemented web applications using Microsoft .NET technologies, including C#, Microsoft SQL Server, and Windows Media. Contributed to several areas of the code base and product line, including web applications, support consoles, automated testing, and the Akimbo Video on Demand player.

MyCasa Network - 2002
Vice President, Software Engineering

Recruited, hired and managed a development team to create a Java 2 Enterprise Edition web portal, to control consumer electronics appliances. Worked closely with Enel.it, the Italian Power Company and venture capital firm, to explore home automation through a "Broadband through power lines" network.

Ventro Corporation - 2000 to 2001
Director, Software Development

Managed engineering for Broadlane, a B2B marketplace on the Internet. Duties include maintaining the overall architecture of the Broadlane marketplace, creating and managing engineering timelines, and communicating technical issues to the executives of Ventro and Broadlane Corporations. Managed and maintained the integration of a wide variety of technologies including Oracle, Oracle ERP, DotConnect, WebMethods within the Broadlane environment.

NetObjects, Inc. - October 1996 to November 2000

Sr. Director of Online Engineering/Producer - NetObjects Matrix
February 2000 to November 2000
A Producer manages all production for a product, including engineering, QA, product management, design and documentation. On NetObjects Matrix, I managed the outside engineering and development of a fully internationalized and embedded web site builder, and worked on the acquisition of Rocktide.com.

Director of Online Engineering/Producer - GoBizGo.com
October 1999 to January 2000
Responsible for managing technical issues in the acquisition of Sitematic Corporation, and delivering the first NetObjects online brand, GoBizGo.com. As Producer, I was ultimately responsible for meeting the ship date, and creating the GoBizGo.com Internet service for small business.

Manager, NetObjects Technical Consulting
June 1999 to September 1999
Managed outsourced development of custom engineering projects, Software Configuration Management (SCM) and Localization departments.

Manager, Developer Tools and Support
April 1998 to June 1999
Responsible for evangelizing and managing developers who write Java components for NetObjects Fusion. Author of the NetObjects Component Development Kit (CDK) for NetObjects Fusion 4.0. Duties include defining API requirements, working with strategic partners, creating sample code and tutorials, extending NetObjects Fusion through components, and being a member of the API design team.

Software Engineer
October 1996 to March 1998
Responsible for database programming in C++ using NeoAccess on both the Windows and Macintosh platforms with the Microsoft Foundation Classes. Responsibilities include maintaining the existing code base, and updating and optimizing the existing database model. Responsible for validation and tracking of corruption issues, repairing damaged site files, and managing the process of implementing the solutions within the development, quality assurance, and technical support departments.

Tudor Publishing/EdVision/Scantron - 1993 to 1996
Macintosh Programming Manager/Lead Programmer

Author of the Grade Level Evaluation for Macintosh and ported the Assessment Management System to the Macintosh platform. Co-author and project manager for GLE Server and GLE Client for Macintosh, implementations of the client/server model for the Grade Level Evaluation. Architect of GLE Server for MS-DOS, and author of the C extensions of Curriculum Architect on the Macintosh. Project manager and lead programmer for WebExam, an Internet testing application using the Microsoft Internet Information Server as a foundation. Projects written with C, C++, NeoAccess (An object oriented cross-platform database engine in C++) and FoxPro.

Intuitive Computing - 1992 to 1993
Founder/Lead Programmer

Founder of Intuitive Computing, a software company specializing in Macintosh and Pen Computer applications. Projects included the Macintosh version of GLE for Tudor Publishing and a configuration utility for FISK, a company working with FAX technology. Author of "Interface Engine", a C based Macintosh and Windows application framework for cross platform development, and "Fluff and Fold", a file compression utility for the PenPoint operating system.

Wrote "The Grid Tool" plug-in for SuperPaint 3.5, a product of Aldus/Adobe Consumer Division (Formerly Silicon Beach Software). Projects written PenPoint operating system with GO Object C and Slate Corporations PenApps Application Builder. Macintosh and Windows projects were written in C and C++.

American TriTech - 1991 to 1992
Graphic Applications Programmer / Manager

Duties include product specification, quotation of new projects, and programming for PenPoint, PenWindows, and Macintosh environments. Author of the PenApps Database Schema Tool for Slate Corporation. Author of PenChart, one of the first vertical market applications for the PenPoint Operating System, and the PacMed Trip Ticket for PacMed Ambulance of San Jose in December of 1991.

Other TriTech credits include MacWrench, a vehicle maintenance package, and co-author of TEAM/Schedule, a twenty-four hour personnel scheduling package. Projects written in Go Object C, PenApps, Think C and ACIUS 4D.

E/G Electro-Graph, Inc. - 1987 to 1991
Systems Administrator

Duties included in-house software development, planning and implementing the AppleTalk network, and teaching classes in common Macintosh applications. Desktop published brochures and catalogs, evaluated and purchased all hardware and software and beta testing of products from Silicon Beach Software, Microsoft, and various hardware and software vendors.

Duties also included Digital VAX System management, writing of Macintosh to VAX connectivity software, VAX software and hardware maintenance, writing documentation, training others in VAX maintenance, and network design.


San Diego State University - 1983 to 1985
Bachelor of Science Program, Computer Science

Other Programming Projects:

Silicon Beach Software
Tool Author and Beta Tester - 1987 to 1994.

Author of "SignIt" and "Horizons" SuperPaint Plug-in tools, and "Textures", a SuperPaint menu command. Beta tester for SuperPaint 2.0 and 3.0, Super3D, Digital Darkroom, Beyond Dark Castle and Apache Strike.

San Diego City Schools
Wrote the "Balboa Park Project" Racial Integration Application with Martin Naiman. The application would do ethnic, gender, and regional balancing of students for field trips to comply with California State discrimination laws.

Wrote the first Scantron application for the Macintosh. The program would read in data, and then produce a database compatible import file.

Palomares and Associates
Wrote a Scantron application for the Macintosh to do personnel evaluation surveys. The program would read the Scantron Survey forms, then export the accumulated data to Microsoft Excel running under Multi-Finder.

Gibbs and Associates
Wrote "NC Renumber" to allow CNC Computer Aided Machining (CAM) programs to be developed and sequenced, without tying up much needed CNC time.

High Tech Marketing
Wrote a Forms Generation program for Mag-Tape data to generate form letters using an 800 line per minute CItoh printer on the Macintosh. Application included a rudimentary text editor for forms generation, and on-line status for the progression of up to 100,000 form letters.

Public Domain Software
Author of "BDC Edit", and application to edit Silicon Beach Software's" Beyond Dark Castle" saved games. Author of "MS Amnesia", an application to remove personalization from Microsoft Programs, and "Identity Crisis", an application that removes personalization from 23 different applications.

Programming Languages:

Currently programming in C# in Visual Studio 2003/2005. Proficient in Java using Eclipse and Visual C++ on Microsoft Windows. Past experience with Metrowerks CodeWarrior on the Macintosh, Pascal, GO Object C, PenApps and ACIUS 4D.