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Okay, so I have some impulse control issues. You can often find me reciting the Geekboy Battle Cry, "I waaaaaaaaaaaaaaant it!!!" Fortunately, my gainful employment allows me to feed this impulse, probably more often than I should!

2005 Toyota Prius

I'd like to say that I got this car because of the great gas mileage, and because it will save the Earth. In actuality, it was the cool, blinky lights and remarkable amount of space that sold me. That, and it comes in Salsa Red. And it's just so fun to say "Salsa!"

iPod Nano and iPod Video 60gb

What can I say? When it comes to portable music and video, nothing comes close to an Apple iPod. Now I have two of them, an iPod Nano for motorcycle trips, and an iPod Video which has my entire music collection. Pretty cool, eh?

Sony 40" Bravia LCD TV

Have I mentioned how cool my friends are? For my 40th birthday, my friends down in San Diego got me a 40 inch TV! Definitely the coolest toy I own!

Treo 650 SmartPhone

You've got to love a phone that talks to your car, surfs the web, and gets your email!

BMW 1200c Cruiser

The great love of my life! "Bettie" and I have driven all over the United States, and have many more adventures ahead of us!